Waterfalls have always been one of the favorite natural attractions for locals and travelers in Thailand. Surprisingly, the country boasts hundreds of natural waterfalls in every region of the kingdom. Whatever part of the country you are visiting, you will always be able to find a waterfall nearby. Some popular waterfalls are easily accessible, while others need a little more effort and determination, usually to climb a steep, often difficult path, before being rewarded by the unmatched beauty of the cascades.
Waterfalls are known locally as 'nam tok.' But the word 'nam tok' in Thai can also refer to a popular northeastern dish, normally included in a menu set comprising somtam (papaya salad), grilled chicken and sticky rice. So be careful when you say 'nam tok;' make it clear what you are talking about. It really is surprising that many waterfall attractions all over the country tend to have local food vendors who sell this traditional northeastern food in front of the entrance to the falls.